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Road Case Bench Road Case Bench

Create a unique rock-inspired seating arrangement with our Road Case Bench!  This custom-built piece is perfect for Rock & Roll themed event!

Rental Price (each): $195.00
Teal Velvet Bench Teal Velvet Bench

The plush elegance and gorgeous color will add just the right touch to your event.

Rental Price (each): $165.00
Cowhide and Horn Bench Cowhide and Horn Bench

Create an authentic western scene with our Cowhide and Horn Bench!  This piece is perfect for any western styled event and looks great with any of our western themed items!

Rental Price (each): $165.00
Artificial Grass Bench Artificial Grass Bench

Include this chic piece, as a room divider or platform for your event's most important details.  Created here at Shag!

Rental Price (each): $165.00
Curved Gold Velour Bench Curved Gold Velour Bench

Brighten your event's seating arrangements with our Curved Gold Velour Bench!  This eye-catching piece is perfect for many styles and is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Rental Price (each): $165.00
Curved Purple Velour Bench Curved Purple Velour Bench

Give your guests the grand seating they deserve with our Curved Purple Velour Bench. Pair with our Purple Velour Round Banquette to complete your seating arrangement!

Rental Price (each): $165.00
Cowhide Bench Cowhide Bench

Create an unforgettable western-styled seating arrangement with our Cowhide Bench!  Pair with any of our western or lodge furniture pieces to complete the scene!

Rental Price (each): $165.00
Black Leather Bench Black Leather Bench

Add an unexpected element to your seating arrangement with our versatile Black Leather Bench! Pair with our Chrome Stool (#10740) or our Ivory Floral Rug (#11851) to complete the scene!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Wagon Wheel Bench Wagon Wheel Bench

Create a one-of-a-kind seating arrangement with our Wagon Wheel Bench, custom built here at Shag!  Pair with any of our western inspired items to complete the scene!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Modern Bench Modern Bench

Create a sleek and chic seating arrangement with our Modern Bench!  This classic design is perfect for nearly any occasion!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
White Leather Bench White Leather Bench

Looking for a sleek and modern accent piece to create an epic seating arrangement?  Search no further than our White Leather Bench!  Pair with our Chrome Stool (#10740) or our White Modern Stool (#10026) to complete the scene!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Ornate Wrought Iron Bench Ornate Wrought Iron Bench

Invite guests to sit and chat in a charming setting with this ornate wrought iron bench.

Rental Price (each): $125.00
Woven Wrought Iron Bench Woven Wrought Iron Bench

Use this wrought iron bench at your next event to create a textured seating arrangement for your guests.  With its more modern pattern, this piece looks great with many different styles.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Park Bench Park Bench

Set the scene with this wooden bench with wrought iron detailing.  Great for an outdoor park setting!

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Oriental Bench Oriental Bench

Include this transitional piece at your next event for a stylish and comfortable seating arrangement.

Rental Price: $55.00
Sports Bench Sports Bench

Give your guests an authentic sport inspired event with this sports bench.  This piece is perfect for a gym or sideline scene!

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Vintage Rustic Bench Vintage Rustic Bench

Add this chunky wooden bench to any rustic style event to create an authentic feeling vintage scene.

Rental Price: $50.00
Rustic Bench Rustic Bench

Use this custom created bench at your next event for a casual rustic or industrial style.  Built here at Shag!

Rental Price (each): $28.00