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12' Tall Nautical Sign 12' Tall Nautical Sign
Rental Price: $750.00
Add custom branding: $125.00
Rustic DJ Booth Rustic DJ Booth
Rental Price: $350.00
Add custom branding to front of booth: $195.00
Rustic LED Bar Rustic LED Bar
Rental Price (each): $315.00
Add custom branding: $195.00
Rustic Marquee Wall Rustic Marquee Wall
Rental Price (each): $250.00
Add custom branding: $150.00
Rustic String Light Pole Rustic String Light Pole
Rental Price (each): $235.00
Ships Wheel on Stand Ship's Wheel on Stand
Rental Price: $225.00
Dock Pier Dock Pier
Rental Price (each): $225.00
Standing Pirate Standing Pirate
Rental Price: $225.00
Standing Pirate with Barrel Standing Pirate with Barrel
Rental Price: $225.00
Summer Fun Photo Op Summer Fun Photo Op
Rental Price: $195.00
Add custom branding: $75.00
Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel
Rental Price (each): $165.00
Harwood Wall Panel Harwood Wall Panel
Rental Price (each): $165.00
Pallet Wall Pallet Wall
Rental Price (each): $150.00
Chocolate Rattan Chair Chocolate Rattan Chair
Rental Price (each): $125.00
Chocolate Rattan Corner Chair Chocolate Rattan Corner Chair
Rental Price (each): $125.00
String Lights Shatterproof String Lights Shatterproof
Rental Price (each): $125.00
Galvanized Tub on Stand Galvanized Tub on Stand
Rental Price (each): $125.00
Reclaimed Wood Stage Platform Reclaimed Wood Stage Platform
Rental Price (each): $105.00
Wrought Iron Sign Holder Wrought Iron Sign Holder
Rental Price: $95.00
Add custom sign: $75.00
Lamp Post Lamp Post
Rental Price (each): $95.00
Pirate Chest Pirate Chest
Rental Price: $95.00
Reclaimed Wood Highboy Table Reclaimed Wood Highboy Table
Rental Price (each): $85.00
Vintage Crate with Bottles Vintage Crate with Bottles
Rental Price (each): $65.00
Faux Boulder Faux Boulder
Rental Price (each): $55.00
White Pole - Crate Base White Pole - Crate Base
Rental Price (each): $55.00
Set of (4) Vintage Wood Buoys Set of (4) Vintage Wood Buoys
Rental Price (per set): $55.00
Cedar Pole - Crate Base Cedar Pole - Crate Base
Rental Price (each): $55.00
Large Crate Large Crate
Rental Price (each): $55.00
Rustic Wooden Crate Rustic Wooden Crate
Rental Price (each): $50.00
Extra Large Fishing Net Extra Large Fishing Net
Rental Price (each): $45.00
Pier Piling Pier Piling
Rental Price (each): $45.00
Medium Crate Medium Crate
Rental Price (each): $45.00
Lobster Trap Lobster Trap
Rental Price (each): $45.00
Faux Rock Faux Rock
Rental Price (each): $40.00
Reclaimed Wood Stanchion Reclaimed Wood Stanchion
Rental Price (each): $35.00
Large Red Dock Bumper Large Red Dock Bumper
Rental Price: $35.00
Small Crate Small Crate
Rental Price (each): $35.00
Natural Rope Natural Rope
Rental Price (each): $25.00
Natural Hemp Stanchion Rope Natural Hemp Stanchion Rope
Rental Price (each): $15.00
Apple Crate Apple Crate
Rental Price (each): $12.00
Bronze Lantern - Green Globe Bronze Lantern - Green Globe
Rental Price (each): $10.00
Bronze Lantern - Red Globe Bronze Lantern - Red Globe
Rental Price (each): $10.00