Shag Carpet started in 2001 creating memorable '70s themed parties. Since then, we have added props and decor for virtually any theme imaginable! In addition to our off-the-shelf props and decor, we can create virtually any prop you need in our custom fabrication shop. The Shag Sign Shop adds another level of artistry and branding possibilities to our items.

Shag's customers range from event planners to area businesses to individuals planning events. We invite you to visit our 91,000 square foot warehouse located near the Dallas Design District to see our high quality props and production facilities.

From event design and prop fabrication to delivery, set up and installation, our team of experts is committed to the success of your event.

We strive for every customer to be a Raving Fan!


Ever wonder what Shag does with discontinued or damaged items?

Shag's commitment to providing unique props and decor to our customers in top-notch condition is a top priority. Over time, props are subject to the normal wear and tear that you might expect and the popularity of items also changes. So, what does Shag do with these items?

During the summer, Shag holds a garage sale that is open to the public. Proceeds from the sale are donated to charity. Our current charity recipient is Youth with Faces, an organization that gives youth in the juvenile justice system the skills needed to break the cycle of incarceration and create positive futures. Learn more about Youth with Faces by clicking here.

Past charitable recipient was Trigger's Toys, an organization that provides toys and therapy items to hospitalized children through the use of service dogs. Learn more about Trigger's Toys by clicking here.