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Craft Bar - 16' Long Craft Bar - 16' Long

Every unforgettable event demands an unforgettable piece.  Give your guest something to remember!  This Shag created bar guarantees a genuine old-fashioned bar setting with a custom craftsman style.

Rental Price: $1,495.00
Brown Button Tufted Sofa Brown Button Tufted Sofa

Add an element of luxurious masculinity with this tufted sofa.  Perfect for rustic, western or lodge styles.

Rental Price (each): $375.00
Acrylic Champagne Glass Tower Acrylic Champagne Glass Tower

No celebration is complete without a champagne toast.  This oversized champagne tower is guaranteed to keep the party going!

Rental Price (each): $275.00
Large Wooden Bookcase Large Wooden Bookshelf

Create a cozy reading area or library scene with our Large Wooden Bookcase!  This 8-foot tall, 6-foot wide piece is also perfect for displaying small details!

Rental Price (each): $250.00
Rustic Warehouse Door Rustic Warehouse Door

Our custom-built Rustic Warehouse Door, mounted on wheels, makes the perfect "secret entrance" to your next speakeasy themed party. What's the password?

Rental Price: $250.00
Barrel Wall Barrel Wall

Need a rustic room divider that can double as a chic centerpiece?  Look no further than this rustic chic piece, perfect for your next event!

Rental Price (each): $215.00
Edison Bulb Table Canopy Edison Bulb Table Canopy

Shag's next addition to our industrial collection will really light up your next event. Five vintage style bulbs hang from a pipe frame to give a warm glow over our rustic dining tables. Battery operated.

Rental Price (each): $195.00
Brown Button Tufted Chair Brown Button Tufted Chair

Create a luxurious setting with this classic piece.

Rental Price (each): $195.00
Vintage Bathtub Vintage Bathtub

This antique claw foot bathtub is sure to be a conversation piece at your next event.  Ideal for a vintage speakeasy or 1920's setting.

Rental Price (each): $195.00
Industrial Bookcase Industrial Bookshelf

Display food, glassware, or themed elements on our Industrial Bookcase, with vintage-styled iron frame and solid wood shelves.

Rental Price (each): $150.00
Whiskey Barrel Communal Table Whiskey Barrel Communal Table

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with this refined rustic barrel communal table.  Perfect for displaying your event's favorite small details!

Rental Price (each): $145.00
Edison Bulb Centerpiece - Rustic Edison Bulb Centerpiece - Rustic

For a tabletop statement, this piece is a must-have. The minimalist look of this centerpiece lends itself to the industrial look, while also pairing well with our Rustic Furniture Collection. Shag's fabrication department has built in a battery, so there are no cords to hide!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Speakeasy Scatter Package Speakeasy Scatter Package

Take a trip back in time with our 1920's inspired Speakeasy Scatter Package!  Pair with our other speakeasy or 1920's themed items to set the scene!

Our Price: $105.00
Steel Pipe Floor Lamp - 3 Bulbs Steel Pipe Floor Lamp - 3 Bulbs

Complete your event's ambiance with Shag's Steel Pipe Floor Lamps. Styles vary from one lamp to the next, coupling handmade character with industrial chic style.

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Steel Pipe Floor Lamp - 2 Bulbs Steel Pipe Floor Lamp - 2 Bulbs

Complete your event's ambiance with Shag's Steel Pipe Floor Lamps. Styles vary from one lamp to the next, coupling handmade character with industrial chic style.

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Iron Wheel Coffee Table Iron Wheel Coffee Table

Looking to add a unique and rustic element with a vintage feel to your seating arrangement?  Look no further than our Iron Wheel Coffee Table.  This urban industrial piece looks great with both modern and vintage styles!

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Industrial Coffee Table Industrial Coffee Table

Complete your urban seating arrangement with our Industrial Coffee Table!  This modern piece looks great with many different styles and is perfect for an urban industrial style event!

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Edison Bulb Centerpiece - Steel Pipe Edison Bulb Centerpiece - Steel Pipe

With the rustic industrial look in mind, Shag's fabrication presents our new Edison Bulb Centerpiece line. Cold steel pipe complemented by warm rustic wood and soft light will bring just the right ambiance to your next event.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Edison Bulb Centerpiece - Bell Jar Edison Bulb Centerpiece - Bell Jar

Designed and hand-crafted in Shag's on-site fabrication department, this unique centerpiece brings a refined element to a normally utilitarian industrial style.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Cigarette Tray Cigarette Tray

Offer guests an authentic old-fashioned bar scene with this vintage cigarette tray.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Vintage Crate with Bottles Vintage Crate with Bottles

Add unforgettable and authentic detail to your next vintage or Western themed event with our Vintage Crate with Bottles!  This genuine, rustic prop is perfect for a roaring 1920s theme or an Old-West town!

Rental Price (each): $65.00
Faux Brick Column Faux Brick Column

Provide your guests with an authentic urban setting using our faux brick column.  Pair with any of our industrial style items or add detail to an old-fashioned bar scene.

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Vintage Bar Cart Vintage Bar Cart

Serve your guests in style with this retro bar cart.  This piece is ideal for display arrangements and perfect with any modern style.

Rental Price: $50.00
Faux Brick Wall Faux Brick Wall

Create a complete urban setting with Shag's Faux Brick Wall. Perfect for any big city or industrial scene.

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Large Whiskey Barrel Large Whiskey Barrel

Use this adaptable rustic piece to add authentic detail to your western, old-fashioned bar or with your shabby chic event!  Perfect for many different styles and settings!

Rental Price (each): $40.00
Book Package Book Package

Add a vintage detail element to your next event with our Book Package. This versatile item is perfect for creating a library scene or reading area.

Rental Price (per package): $30.00
Barrel Stands Large Barrel Stand

Feature this piece to enhance any western, winery or lodge style event. Stack your barrels to create a genuine rustic scene.

Rental Price (each): $28.00
Brown Beaded Candle Lamp Brown Beaded Candle Lamp

Travel back in time with this antique beaded lamp.  No detail is too small when creating your perfect vintage event!

Rental Price (each): $22.00
Medium Wooden Barrel Medium Wooden Barrel

Pair this piece with any of our western, old-fashioned bar or shabby chic items to create an authentic rustic setting.

Rental Price (each): $22.00
Set of (4) Potion Bottles Set of (4) Potion Bottles

With some custom printed tags or labels from Shag's Sign Shop, these bottles can be transformed into anything! From spooky Halloween potions, to Alice in Wonderland's "Drink Me" bottles, to jars of sherry and bitters for a speakeasy event - let your imagination run wild!

Rental Price (each): $18.00
Small Wooden Barrel Small Wooden Barrel

Pair this piece with any of our western, old-fashioned bar or shabby chic items to create an authentic rustic setting. No detail is too small for this petite wooden barrel!

Rental Price (each): $18.00