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Stadium Entrance Stadium Entrance
Rental Price: $1,425.00
USB Charging Loveseat USB Charging Loveseat
Rental Price (each): $325.00
Lighted Sportscaster Desk Lighted Sportscaster Desk
Rental Price (each): $275.00
Infinity Graphic Wall Double Sided 8' Infinity Graphic Wall Double Sided 8'
Rental Price (each): $225.00
Boxing Ring Boxing Ring
Rental Price: $225.00
Infinity Graphic Wall 10' Infinity Graphic Wall 10'
Rental Price (each): $225.00
Portal LED Coffee Table Portal LED Coffee Table
Rental Price (each): $195.00
Boxer Boxer
Rental Price: $195.00
USB Charging Arm Chair USB Charging Arm Chair
Rental Price (each): $175.00
Metal Screen Wall Metal Screen Wall
Rental Price (each): $150.00
Gym Locker - Blue Gym Locker - Blue
Rental Price (each): $140.00
Gym Locker - Tan Gym Locker - Tan
Rental Price (each): $140.00
Boxing Bell Boxing Bell
Rental Price: $85.00
Sports Bench Sports Bench
Rental Price (each): $55.00
Boxing Helmet and Bucket Boxing Helmet and Bucket
Rental Price: $30.00
Blue Boxing Stool Blue Boxing Stool
Rental Price: $25.00
Red Boxing Stool Red Boxing Stool
Rental Price: $25.00
Boxing Robe XL Blue Boxing Robe - Blue
Rental Price: $22.00
Boxing Robe XL Silver Boxing Robe - Silver
Rental Price (each): $22.00
Black Sports Equipment Bag Black Sports Equipment Bag
Rental Price (each): $18.00
Pair of Boxing Gloves Pair of Boxing Gloves
Rental Price (per set): $18.00