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Tropical Foliage Package Tropical Foliage Package

Searching for amazing accent pieces at your next event?  Look no further than our Tropical Foliage Package!  This versatile accent package is perfect for jungle, zoo, luau or island-inspired events!

Rental Price (each): $325.00
Jail Facade Jail Facade

It would be a crime to host your next western or detective themed event without our Jail Façade!  Our 8-foot tall, 9-foot wide jail cell is also perfect for a zoo inspired event!

Rental Price: $275.00
Grazing Cow Grazing Cow

Create a realistic farm scene with this 4-foot, 6-inch grazing cow.

Rental Price: $195.00
Tiger Tiger

Showcase this ferocious beast at your next jungle inspired event to complete the scene!  Pair with our other animal figures for a more complete look.

Rental Price: $195.00
Zebra Zebra

Feature this beautiful 5-foot, 6-inch zebra figure at your next event to bring your safari or jungle scene to life!  Pair with our other animal figures for a more complete look!

Rental Price: $195.00
Gorilla Gorilla

Bring life to your jungle or safari inspired event with this awesome 4-foot, 6-inch tall gorilla figure!

Rental Price: $195.00
Western Wall Panel Western Wall Panel

Feature this 10-foot tall wall panel at your next event as a room divider or as a showpiece at your next western, vintage or shabby chic event!

Rental Price (each): $150.00
Rustic Wall Panel Rustic Wall Panel

Add an interesting room divider or create an intriguing focal point with this 10-foot tall wall panel!  Great for western, rustic or shabby chic styled events!

Rental Price (each): $150.00
Tree Trunk Column Tree Trunk Column

Create your own forest with our 9-foot tall tree trunk.  Bring your outdoor theme inside with this life-like piece, perfect for any outdoor theme!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Chain Link Fence Wall Chain Link Fence Wall

Bring your city street scene to life with our chain link fence wall!  Perfect for any urban setting!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Graphic Display Pedestal Graphic Display Pedestal

This versatile pedestal is perfect to display artist bios next to their artwork, buffet offerings, or even trade show specials. Custom printed graphics are included for the top, but the possibilities don't stop there.

Rental Price (each): $95.00