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Rustic Column Entrance Rustic Column Entrance

At 16 feet wide, our Rustic Column Entrance makes a bold statement. Beautiful on it's own, or top it with plants. Ask about custom signage!

Rental Price: $1,425.00
Natural Bar - Four Sided Four Sided Natural Bar

Give your guests a little shade with this awesome faux stone bar!  The natural-looking material this bar is made of gives it a great look with many different styles.

Rental Price: $1,350.00
Western Entrance Western Entrance

Give guests a warm Texas-size welcome with this large wood beam entrance, custom built here at Shag!

Rental Price: $925.00
Authentic Native American Tipi Authentic Native American Tipi

Add unforgettable and amazing detail with our Authentic Native American Tipi!  At 14-feet tall this cool and colorful piece is sure to make a statement at your next event!

Rental Price: $650.00
Yellowstone Entrance Yellowstone Entrance

Create an eye-catching yet minimal entrance at your next rustic styled event with our understated Yellowstone Entrance!  Use alone or pair with other detail items to create an unforgettable focal point!

Rental Price: $425.00
Vintage Truck Bar Vintage Truck Bar

Whether it's a tailgating party or a rustic barn wedding, our Vintage Truck Bar adds a unique touch. The color changing LED headlights can be manually adjusted to match your theme colors.

Rental Price: $275.00
Infinity Rustic LED Bar Infinity Rustic LED Bar

Our Infinity Rustic LED Bar pairs perfectly with our Rustic collection, while still allowing for customization. Choose from several in-stock inserts or create a custom graphic.

Rental Price (each): $275.00
Rustic Marquee Wall Rustic Marquee Wall

Shag's sleek new Rustic Marquee Wall is a great way to display signage and graphics. This back-lit, battery operated wall is ready to be branded on all four sides.

Rental Price (each): $225.00
Wagon Wheel Chandelier Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Add a touch of the Old West to your event's lighting with our Wagon Wheel Chandelier!  Perfect for any western, lodge or rustic inspired events!

Rental Price (each): $215.00
Rustic String Light Pole Rustic String Light Pole

Add a soft and charming set of string lights to your next event and showcase them with our 12-foot tall rustic light pole.  Perfect for creating casual bistro setting or a shabby chic garden scene!

Rental Price (each): $215.00
Desert Kilim Rug Desert Kilim Rug

Liven up a lounge grouping with geometric patterns and vivid color with this southwestern style rug.

Rental Price: $145.00
Santa Fe Kilim Rug Santa Fe Kilim Rug

Variations in color give this beautiful hand-woven rug a true authentic look.

Rental Price: $145.00
Rustic Column Rustic Column

These colossal columns are a great addition to Shag's Rustic Collection. At three feet wide, they offer a broad backdrop for directional signage, artwork, or branding.

Rental Price: $140.00
Tree Trunk Column Tree Trunk Column

Create your own forest with our 9-foot tall tree trunk.  Bring your outdoor theme inside with this life-like piece, perfect for any outdoor theme!

Rental Price (each): $140.00
Reclaimed Wood Stage Platform Reclaimed Wood Stage Platform

Elevate your event's most important features with a Reclaimed Wood Stage Platform.

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Picnic Table - White Picnic Table - White

Our White picnic tables are great for indoor or outdoor seating. A hole in the center will accommodate a patio umbrella.

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Green Canoe Green Canoe

Bring your camping or boating inspired event to life with the long Green Canoe!  Pair with any of our camping or fishing inspired items to complete the look.

Rental Price: $105.00
Faux Camp Fire Faux Camp Fire

Include this versatile piece at your next event to create your own outdoor scene with a like-like camp fire!  This piece looks great as part of a beach or lodge styled event and everything in between!

Rental Price (each): $105.00
Western Stage Platform 4' x 4' x 12" Western Stage Platform 4' x 4' x 12"

Elevate your event's most important features with this rugged stage platform.  Great for western, shabby chic and lodge styles.

Rental Price (each): $105.00
String Lights Shatterproof 48' Long String Lights Shatterproof 48' Long

Add a charming, dreamy element to your next event with our 48-foot long, shatterproof string lights.

Rental Price (each): $95.00
Faux Fire with Birch Branches Faux Fire with Birch Branches

Add the glow of a fire to your event.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Reclaimed Wood Platform 36" x 36" x 18" Reclaimed Wood Platform 36" x 36" x 18"

Rich reds, browns, and natural wood tones mingle together on these versatile platforms.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Artificial Grass Runner 15' Artificial Grass Runner 10'

Bring your favorite field to you with this 10-foot long synthetic grass turf!  Great for an outdoor or sport themed event!

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Faux Fire with Logs Faux Fire with Logs

Create a life-like camping, western or lodge scene with our faux fire and log combination.

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Western Pole - Large Western Pole - Large

Create a unique and rustic scene at your next event with our Western Pole!  Perfect for any rustic-themed event!

Rental Price (each): $85.00
Picnic Table - Natural Picnic Table - Natural

Our natural finish picnic tables are a wonderful outdoor seating option for your guests. Holes in the center will accommodate an umbrella.

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Picnic Table - Redwood Stain Picnic Table - Redwood Stain

Our Redwood Stain picnic tables are great for indoor or outdoor seating. A hole in the center will accommodate a patio umbrella.

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Cedar Pole - Crate Base Cedar Pole - Crate Base

Create a unique sign for your next event using our cedar pole with a create base detail.  Pair with our other wooden crates to enhance the entire look!

Rental Price (each): $50.00
Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair

Create a relaxing outdoor scene with our oak colored adirondack chair!  Great for camping, tailgating and beach inspired events!

Rental Price (each): $40.00
Campfire Grill with Skillet Campfire Grill with Skillet

Bring your camping scene to life with this authentic camp fire grill and skillet combination!

Rental Price: $40.00
Tree Stump Table Stool Tree Stump Table Stool

Accent your next event with this versatile piece!  With its natural texture and sleek ruggedness this table stool looks great with nearly any style!

Rental Price (each): $40.00
Faux Boulder Faux Boulder

Create a rocky beach scene with our faux boulder.

Rental Price (each): $35.00
Set of (2) Insulated Jugs Set of (2) Insulated Jugs

Looking to add detail to your vintage outdoor inspired event? Include these old-fashioned jugs to create a detail arrangement for your fishing or camp themed event.

Rental Price (per set): $35.00
Set of (3) Assorted Paddles Set of (3) Assorted Oak Paddles

Include our assorted paddles at your next fishing, or nautical inspired event!  These paddles are great for a beach or camping themed event as well!

Rental Price (per set): $35.00
Faux Rock Faux Rock

Create a rocky scene with this versatile faux rock! Perfect for any beach or desert theme and everything in between.

Please Note: Each rock will vary slightly in size.

Rental Price (each): $35.00
Vintage Cooler Vintage Cooler

This vintage cooler adds an old-school feel to lodge or camping themed events.

Rental Price: $30.00
Large Grill Large Grill

Add a realistic touch to your game day scene with this 38-inch tall grill!  Great for any summer or sport inspired event!

Rental Price: $30.00
Set of (2) Oak Paddles Set of (2) Oak Paddles

Create a realistic fishing or beach scene with our set of 46-inch tall paddles.

Rental Price (per set): $25.00
Camping Lantern Camping Lantern

Create a memorable outdoor scene with our versatile Camping Lantern!  This piece is great for any outdoor theme, from camping to safari or jungle inspired events!

Rental Price (each): $18.00
Set of (3) Minnow Buckets Set of (3) Minnow Buckets

Create an authentic detail arrangement at your next fishing inspired event with our Set of (3) Minnow Buckets!  Pair with our other fishing or camping inspired items to complete the scene!

Rental Price (per set): $18.00
Set of (2) Vintage Fishing Tackle Boxes Set of (2) Vintage Fishing Tackle Boxes

Add an old-fashioned element to your next beach-inspired event with our vintage fishing tackle boxes!

Rental Price (per set): $18.00
Large Black Lantern Large Black Lantern

Give your event the authentic detail it deserves with our Large Black Lantern!  Use this piece as part of a table display or as centerpieces!

Rental Price (each): $12.00
Large Red Lantern Large Red Lantern

Add a bright pop of color with our Large Red Lantern!  This piece is perfect for your table tops and looks great with camping, western or lodge inspired styles!

Rental Price (each): $12.00
Western Stage Step Western Stage Platform Step

Elevate your event's most important details with our rustic Western Stage Platform Step!  This versatile piece is great for displaying items!

Rental Price (each): $12.00
Large Insulated Cooler Large Insulated Cooler

Create a custom fishing inspired scene with our Large Insulated Cooler. This versatile piece is perfect for any camping or fishing inspired event.

Rental Price: $12.00
Set of (2) Canteens Set of (2) Canteens

Accent your camp-inspired event with our Set of (2) Canteens. Great for display arrangements and table settings!

Rental Price (per set): $12.00
Vintage Picnic Basket Vintage Picnic Basket

Set the scene with this classic piece!  Perfect for a picnic in the park or fishing on a lake.  No detail is too small for your event!

Rental Price: $12.00
Lawn Chair Lawn Chair

Create a relaxing and casual scene for your guests with this classic lawn chair.

Rental Price (each): $10.00