"It was definitely one for the books! With all the back and forth with the committee and finally having them see our vision, once put together, it was perfect! They loved it! Thank you so much for the assistance and execution." 

Richie B. 
December 2017

"The Shag products are THE most popular icing to our cake! And your dear delivery guys are always so courteous." 

Lou Ann M. 
December 2017

"The party was incredible and the wall was literally AMAZING! It was a huge hit and perfect photo moment right when the guests walked in. I am so happy we were able to create it. My vision definitely came to life."

Morgan N.
December 2017

"The event could not have gone smoother. As always, the Shag team delivers. We're proud to call you partners and thanks for always handling business so we can focus on the other aspects for our clients." 

Jeff R. 
November 2017

"Everything was great, your team is always so easy to work with and friendly. Our client love the decor items, it really added the extra wow factor that we were looking for."

SueAnne J. 
November 2017

"I seriously cannot put into words how wonderful you and your team were this week. Teresa, Jesse, Freddy and crew were absolutely amazing. They had smiles on their faces, positive attitudes and did not miss a beat through the entire process. We could not have made it through this week without you guys. I am so thankful for all of you and your dedication to producing flawless events for us and our clients."

Sarah B.
November 2017

"I wanted to reach out to thank you for all you did the past few months to help make the conference a success. Renting with you guys was extremely effortless and we were pleased with the service."

Dailey M. 
October 2017

"Everything was wonderful last night. I really appreciated how early the gentlemen came to set up. The red carpet and stanchions looked great."

Lindsay B. 
October 2017 

"You and your team are the definition of professionalism. Just keep doing what you are doing." 

Jackson M.
October 2017

"We love working with you guys and your inventory is stellar! I talked to Lauren and she specifically said how amazing y'all were onsite and how great it was to see you there in the trenches with your guys. She said everything looked great. So it sounds like y'all were killing it, as always." 

Natalie F.
September 2017 

"The event went great and all of the rentals were perfect. I especially like the DJ table you suggested. As always, you and your team made everything super easy and convenient, which is always appreciated." 

Franki T.
September 2017

"Oh man, I love the tree! Seriously, the new artist is killing it. I LOVE being able propose new, custom things and so easily be able to convey them in sketches." 

Mere M.
September 2017

"Everything went smoothly! Your delivery guys were awesome and super nice! Set up was easy, and my boss as well as our Executive Pastor are both very pleased with what you guys made for us!"

Michael S.
August 2017

"I just wanted to thank you for Shag's service. The guys who delivered and picked up the rentals yesterday were professional, kind and punctual. I really appreciate that as I've worked with many rental companies and vendors for various event things, so it was a pleasant surprise."

Teresa N. 
August 2017

"Thank you so much for following up. Johnny and Pee Wee were so awesome! Not only did they show up early, but they were so helpful and a blast to work with. You can send them out to us anytime!" 

Jasmine S. 
August 2017

"I was so blown away by your new building and the amazing job you all have done. The new place is INCREDIBLE!! Just look what you and your amazing crew have accomplished. Beyond words."

Cindy R.
July 2017

"Just a quick note that the red drapery looked beautiful and Juan did a fantastic job. The whole look would not have been as lovely without that touch ... it pulled it all together."

Vera N.
July 2017

"It was great working with you and your team. You really bailed me out Friday evening with that last-minute furniture need. The delivery and set up guys were great."

Mark C.
July 2017

"We love your team. The superhero pieces that your graphics team made were absolutely perfect and the client loved them! THANK YOU for being a part of another phenomenal event!"

Kari S.
June 2017

"I have never worked with such gentlemen who took ownership of every aspect of set up. The decor and furniture was more than up to par. Every element looked so clean and exceeded my expectations. I can't thank you guys enough!"

Candace E.
June 2017

"The party was OFF THE CHARTS fabulous! Your expertise, creativity and Shag's products made the room what it was! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we appreciate your easy going and professional demeanor." 

Dana E.
June 2017

"Shag Carpet is amazing to work with! They give incredible customer service and take care of you from beginning to end. They supplied all of the furniture and decor rentals for a major party we did, with over 700 guests."

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Jaimie V.
May 2017

"Thank you so much for all of your help for this event. Your team worked so hard, had great attitudes, and were incredibly helpful to us. We couldn't have done it without y'all! Thank you!

Molli H. 
May 2017

"The event was fabulous ... the outside area looked amazing, as usual, and the Shag team was nothing but professional and courteous! You have a customer for life, I can assure you of that! Thank you for your help in making this a success! 

Amanda M.
May 2017

"Oh my gosh it was amazing! I really think it was the best prom ever and you and Shag Carpet were the main reason! The ballroom looked spectacular, the NYC skyline/bridge wall was a huge hit (everyone taking their pictures in front of it) and everything else y'all did was beautiful! I cannot begin to thank you enough for your vision, your creativity and your ability to make everything so perfect!"

Michelle F. 
April 2017

"Your crew was outstanding from start to finish! Please extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to everyone who worked on this event."

Cory M.
April 2017

"I wanted to tell you that your crew last week was amazing! They were so helpful and beyond easy to work with during set up and strike."

Angela R.
March 2017

"Your pieces looked incredible, as always. They truly brought the theme to life.

Hallie W.
February 2017

"Our friends and family are going to be talking about this event for years to come. The party would not have had the same impact without the incredible decor you provided. It was amazing."

Ross K.
February 2017

"Everything was fantastic! The delivery and set up crew was great and super helpful in figuring out the set for our space. We had great reviews from our guests who attended the party, everything looked perfect."

Mollie W.
January 2017

"The event went over spectacularly and we cannot thank you and your team enough for putting together such an awesome atmosphere . Our owners absolutely loved it and the attendees had a blast."

Dana O. 
December 2016

"Everyone was so impressed by how we brought the theme to life thanks to a lot of your props and the signage."

Rachel L.
December 2016

"Yesterday looked absolutely stunning! A ton of compliments from both our staff and attendees."

Rebecca W.
October 2016