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Nautical Entrance Nautical Entrance

Give guests a huge welcoming ahoy with our 12-foot tall nautical entrance!  Complete your seaside scene with our Nautical Sign (item 10630)!

Rental Price: $995.00
Tiki Pier Tiki Pier

Create an authentic seaside dock area with our 15-foot, 3-inch long tiki pier.  This realistic piece is great for any seaside theme!

Rental Price (each): $325.00
Ships Wheel on Stand Ship's Wheel on Stand

Add this custom created piece to your next nautical themed event for an authentic high seas setting!  Great for beach, pirate and tropical styled event!

Rental Price: $215.00
Standing Pirate Standing Pirate

Feature our life-size Standing Pirate at your next nautical or adventure themed event!  This life-like piece is sure to hook your guests!

Rental Price: $195.00
Standing Pirate with Barrel Standing Pirate with Barrel

Bring your next high seas inspired event to life with our Standing Pirate with Barrel!  Pair this piece with our other nautical themed décor to set the scene!

Rental Price: $195.00
Sitting Pirate Sitting Pirate

Set sail with your best mates and our Sitting Pirate at your next high seas-inspired event!  Pair this piece with either of our standing pirates to complete the look!

Rental Price: $195.00
Set of (5) Vintage Wood Buoys Set of (5) Vintage Wood Buoys

Display an authentic detail arrangement at your next seaside inspired event with our vintage buoys.  Pair with our Ship Light (item 10581) and Pier Piling (item 20081) for a more complete scene!

Rental Price (per set): $55.00
White Pole - Crate Base White Pole - Crate Base

Create an interesting sign display with our white pole with crate base detail.  Pair this piece with other themed items to provide your guests with a functional and stylish display arrangement!

Rental Price (each): $50.00
Extra Large Fishing Net Extra Large Fishing Net

Finish out your ocean themed event with this authentic Fishing Net, strung with floats along the top and weights along the bottom.

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Pier Piling Pier Piling

Complete your sea side dock setting with our 34-inch tall and 12-foot wide pier piling! Pair with our Vintage Wood Buoys (item 11708) for a more complete look!

Rental Price (each): $40.00
Netting with Sea Shells Netting with Sea Shells

Complete your beachside setting with our netting and sea shell combination!  Pair with our Pier Piling (item 20081) for a more complete scene!

Rental Price (each): $40.00
Set of (2) Dock Bumpers Set of (2) Dock Bumpers

Create an awesome seaside setting with our dock bumpers!  Pair with our Vintage Wood Buoys (item 11708) to build a detail arrangement or table setting!

Rental Price (per set): $40.00
Lobster Trap Lobster Trap

Create a realistic nautical scene with this rustic lobster trap!  Complete the scene with our Netting with Sea Shells (item 11237)!

Rental Price (each): $40.00
Faux Boulder Faux Boulder

Create a rocky beach scene with our faux boulder! Pair with our netting and sea shells for a more complete beach setting!

Please Note: Each boulder will vary slightly in size.

Rental Price (each): $35.00
Set of (3) Assorted Paddles Set of (3) Assorted Oak Paddles

Include our assorted paddles at your next fishing, or nautical inspired event!  These paddles are great for a beach or camping themed event as well!

Rental Price (per set): $35.00
Faux Rock Faux Rock

Create a rocky scene with this versatile faux rock! Perfect for any beach or desert theme and everything in between!

Please Note: Each rock will vary slightly in size.

Rental Price (each): $35.00
Black Netting Black Netting

Add authentic detail at your next outdoor themed event with this 5-feet by 5-feet netting.  Great for nautical, fishing or military inspired events!

Rental Price (each): $30.00
Large Red Dock Bumper Large Red Dock Bumper

Add a pop of color to your table tops or detail arrangement with our 19-inch tall dock bumper!  Pair with our Tiki Pier (item 11217) for a more complete seaside scene!

Rental Price: $30.00
Camouflage Netting Camouflage Netting

Rental Price (each): $28.00
Set of (2) Oak Paddles Set of (2) Oak Paddles

Create a realistic fishing or beach scene with our set of 46-inch tall paddles!  Pair with Vintage Fishing Tackle Boxes (item 10779) for a more complete setting!

Rental Price (per set): $25.00