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Cabana Bar - Four Sided Cabana Bar - Four Sided

Wow guests from all sides with this four-sided bar!  The clean lines and dark, rich tone makes this cabana perfect for any theme event!  Pair with our Modern Shelving Unit (item 11589) for a more complete look.

Rental Price: $1,500.00
Moroccan Cabana Moroccan Cabana Tent

Create an extravagant scene with this bright and luxurious Moroccan style cabana.  Perfect as an entrance or seating area!

Rental Price: $495.00
Rustic Cabana Rustic Cabana

Feature our 9-foot tall rustic cabana at your next event to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests! This dark and sleek cabana with rustic finishes is guaranteed to help create a memorable event, no matter the style!

Rental Price (each): $295.00
Black and White Striped Cabana Black and White Striped Cabana

Include this 10-foot tall modern cabana at your next event for a classic, tailored scene.  Perfect for a glamorous black and white event!

Rental Price (each): $295.00
Modern Cabana Modern Cabana

Give your modern rustic event the high-style it deserves with this highly adaptable piece, custom created here at Shag!  The possibilities of this piece are limited only by your imagination.  Pair with draping for a dramatic affect!

Rental Price (each): $295.00
Rustic String Light Pole Rustic String Light Pole

Add a soft and charming set of string lights to your next event and showcase them with our 12-foot tall rustic light pole.  Perfect for creating casual bistro setting or a shabby chic garden scene!

Rental Price (each): $195.00
Stone Fountain Stone Fountain

For a boisterous beach theme, or a serene spa atmosphere, check out our Stone Fountain. Just add water!

Rental Price: $125.00
Picnic Table - White Picnic Table - White

Our White picnic tables are great for indoor or outdoor seating. A hole in the center will accommodate a patio umbrella.

Rental Price (each): $95.00
Park Bench Park Bench

Set the scene with this 4-foot, 2-inch long wooden bench with wrought iron detailing.  Great for an outdoor park setting!

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Wrought Iron Bench Wrought Iron Bench

Include this classic wrought iron bench at your next event for a sophisticated seating arrangement.  This piece is detailed with ornate bunches of grapes and perfect for a garden or winery scene!

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Picnic Table - Natural Picnic Table - Natural

Our natural finish picnic tables are a wonderful outdoor seating option for your guests. Holes in the center will accommodate an umbrella.

Rental Price (each): $65.00
Picnic Table - Redwood Stain Picnic Table - Redwood Stain

Our Redwood Stain picnic tables are great for indoor or outdoor seating. A hole in the center will accommodate a patio umbrella.

Rental Price (each): $65.00
Feather Flag Yellow Feather Flag Yellow

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Feather Flag Green Feather Flag Green

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Feather Flag Red Feather Flag Red

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Feather Flag Blue Feather Flag Blue

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Feather Flag Purple Feather Flag Purple

Rental Price (each): $55.00
Feather Flag Pink Feather Flag Pink

Rental Price (each): $55.00
20" Grapevine Sphere - Lighted 20" Grapevine Sphere - Lighted

Illuminate your next event with rustic sophistication using this 20-inch sphere!  Great for outdoors!

Rental Price (each): $50.00
Black Umbrella with Stand Black Umbrella with Stand

Create a chic outdoor event with our bold Black Umbrella with Stand!  Mix and match with our other colorful umbrella options to complete the look!

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Blue Umbrella with Stand Blue Umbrella with Stand

Add a pop of color to your outdoor event with our Blue Umbrella with stand. Couple them with a picnic table to provide your guests with a shady place to sit.

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Tan Umbrella with Stand Tan Umbrella with Stand

Looking for some shade at an outdoor event? Pair our Tan Umbrella with a picnic table to give your guests a break from the sun.

Rental Price (each): $45.00
White Pole - Crate Base White Pole - Crate Base

Create an interesting sign display with our white pole with crate base detail.  Pair this piece with other themed items to provide your guests with a functional and stylish display arrangement!

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Yellow Umbrella with Stand Yellow Umbrella with Stand

Add a bit more sunshine at your next outdoor event with this bright yellow umbrella!  Pair with our picnic tables for a relaxing seating arrangement for your guests.

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Red Umbrella with Stand Red Umbrella with Stand

Shade your guests in style with this bold red umbrella.  Perfect for your next outdoor event!  Pair with our picnic tables to set the scene!

Rental Price (each): $45.00
Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair

Create a relaxing outdoor scene with our oak colored adirondack chair!  Great for camping, tailgating and beach inspired events!

Rental Price (each): $35.00