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Moroccan Cabana Moroccan Cabana

Rental Price: $495.00
Oriental Rug Red Oriental Rug Red

Rental Price (each): $125.00
Narrow Moroccan Stand Narrow Moroccan Stand

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Moroccan Stool with Leather Top Moroccan Stool with Leather Top

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Moroccan Stool Moroccan Stool

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Moroccan Stand Moroccan Stand

Rental Price (each): $75.00
Large Moroccan Lamp Large Moroccan Lamp

Rental Price (each): $50.00
Moroccan Leather Pouf - Blue Moroccan Leather Pouf - Blue

Rental Price (each): $35.00
Moroccan Pouf Moroccan Pouf

Rental Price: $35.00
Hookah Pipe Hookah Pipe

Rental Price (each): $35.00
Small Moroccan Lamp Small Moroccan Lamp

Rental Price (each): $30.00
Cluster of (3) Moroccan Pillows Cluster of (3) Moroccan Pillows

Rental Price (per set): $30.00
Moroccan Drape Panel 10' Long Moroccan Drape Panel 10' Long

Rental Price (each): $20.00
Moroccan Cushion - Red Moroccan Cushion - Red

Rental Price: $20.00
Star Lantern Star Lantern

Rental Price (each): $20.00
Moroccan Cushion - Purple Moroccan Cushion - Purple

Rental Price (each): $20.00
Large Moroccan Lantern Large Moroccan Lantern

Rental Price (each): $20.00
Medium Moroccan Lantern Medium Moroccan Lantern

Rental Price (each): $15.00
Small Moroccan Lantern Small Moroccan Lantern

Rental Price (each): $10.00