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Craft Bar - 16' Long Craft Bar - 16' Long

Every unforgettable event demands an unforgettable piece.  Give your guest something to remember!  This Shag created bar guarantees a genuine old-fashioned bar setting with a custom craftsman style.

Rental Price: 1,495.00
Rustic Column Entrance Rustic Column Entrance

At 16 feet wide, our Rustic Column Entrance makes a bold statement. Beautiful on it's own, or top it with plants. Ask about custom signage!

Rental Price: 1,295.00
Rustic Cabana Rustic Cabana

Feature our 9-foot tall rustic cabana at your next event to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests! This dark and sleek cabana with rustic finishes is guaranteed to help create a memorable event, no matter the style!

Rental Price (each): 295.00
Farmers Market Stand Farmers Market Stand

Build your own fresh display with our 7-foot tall stand!  Pair with our vintage Flower Cart (item 11755) to create your own private farmer's market!

Rental Price: 295.00
Donut Wall Donut Wall

Looking for a unique way to display treats at your next event? Your search is over! This double sided acrylic wall features 49 pegs on each side, perfect for hanging donuts, bagels, or soft pretzels. Ask about custom branding!

Rental Price (each): 250.00
Infinity Rustic LED Bar Infinity Rustic LED Bar

Create an unforgettable bar area at your next event with this rustic and customizable bar.  Choose from several inserts in stock or create a custom graphic for an additional price!

Rental Price (each): 250.00
Rustic Marquee Wall Rustic Marquee Wall

Shag's sleek new Rustic Marquee Wall is a great way to display signage and graphics. This back-lit, battery operated wall is ready to be branded on all four sides.

Rental Price (each): 195.00
Flower Cart Flower Cart

Display your florals in Shag's custom fabricated Flower Cart. Plants need more sun? The top is removable! The cart can be used indoors or outdoors, and has real working wheels.

Rental Price: 195.00
Rustic String Light Pole Rustic String Light Pole

Add a soft and charming set of string lights to your next event and showcase them with our 12-foot tall rustic light pole.  Perfect for creating casual bistro setting or a shabby chic garden scene!

Rental Price (each): 195.00
Rustic Bar - Small Rustic Bar - Small

Create a compact bar area with our small rustic bar!  Perfect for any shabby chic or vintage styled event!

Rental Price: 150.00
Rustic Column Rustic Column

These colossal columns are a great addition to Shag's Rustic Collection. At three feet wide, they offer a broad backdrop for directional signage, artwork, or branding.

Rental Price: 125.00
Rustic Wall Panel Rustic Wall Panel

Add an interesting room divider or create an intriguing focal point with this 10-foot tall wall panel!  Great for western, rustic or shabby chic styled events!

Rental Price (each): 125.00
Rustic Wooden Table 6' Long Rustic Wooden Table 6' Long

Create an engaging dining arrangement with this modern rustic table.  With its minimalistic design, this piece looks great with both modern and traditional styles.  Perfect for an industrial or shabby chic styled event!  Also available at 8-feet long.

Rental Price (each): 95.00
Tall Rustic Wooden Table 8' Long Tall Rustic Wooden Table 8' Long

Give your guests an interesting and unique seating arrangement or display a buffet with this highly adaptable rustic table.  The 42-inch table height is perfect for a casual setting.

Rental Price (each): 95.00
Rustic Wooden Table 8' Long Rustic Wooden Table 8' Long

Create an engaging dining arrangement with this modern rustic table.  With its minimalistic design this piece looks great with modern and traditional styles.  Perfect for a garden setting!  Also available at 6-feet long.

Rental Price (each): 95.00
Rustic Corrugated Highboy Table Rustic Corrugated Highboy Table

Showcase your event's most important items or create an awesome cocktail area with our Rustic Corrugated Highboy Table.  This dynamic piece looks great with several different styles, from shabby chic to industrial and everything in between!

Rental Price (each): 75.00
Rustic Sign Holder - Large Rustic Sign Holder - Large

Guide your guests to the party with our 5-foot, 4-inch tall rustic sign holder.  Create a unique look with custom signage at an additional charge.

Rental Price (each): 50.00
Large Wooden Crate Large Wooden Crate

Show off your event's favorite accent pieces with our understated wooden crate.  Mix and match with our Small (item 10567) or Medium (item 10568) Wooden Crates to create a dynamic display arrangement!

Rental Price (each): 50.00
White Pole - Crate Base White Pole - Crate Base

Create an interesting sign display with our white pole with crate base detail.  Pair this piece with other themed items to provide your guests with a functional and stylish display arrangement!

Rental Price (each): 45.00
Vintage Rustic Bench Vintage Rustic Bench

Add this chunky wooden bench to any rustic style event to create an authentic feeling vintage scene.

Rental Price: 45.00
Cedar Pole - Crate Base Cedar Pole - Crate Base

Create a unique sign for your next event using our cedar pole with a create base detail.  Pair with our other wooden crates to enhance the entire look!

Rental Price (each): 45.00
Medium Wooden Crate Medium Wooden Crate

Showcase your event's most important details with our wooden crate!  Great for any casual or outdoor themed event!

Rental Price (each): 40.00
Small Wooden Crate Small Wooden Crate

Display your event's most important details with our wooden crate.  Perfect for any casual or outdoor inspired event!

Rental Price (each): 30.00
Antique Milk Can Antique Milk Can

Add a bit of vintage detail to your display arrangements with our Antique Milk Can!  This versatile piece looks great with many different styles, from industrial to western.  Pair with other items to complete the scene!

Rental Price (each): 25.00
Wide Rustic Wall Hanger Wide Rustic Wall Hanger

Showcase all of your event's smallest yet most stylish details with our Wide Rustic Wall Hanger!  Pair with our Rustic Wall (10918) to create a custom look!

Rental Price (each): 25.00
Rustic Sign Holder - Small Rustic Sign Holder - Small

Don't forget your table tops!  Include our rustic sign holders at your next event to complete the look of your table setting!  This piece is perfect for numbering tables or labeling buffet station items!

Rental Price (each): 25.00
Rustic Bench Rustic Bench

Use this custom created bench at your next event for a casual rustic or industrial style.  Built here at Shag!

Rental Price (each): 25.00
Rustic Wall Hanger 72" Rustic Wall Hanger 72"

Complete the look of your display with our rustic 72-inch wall hanger!  This hanger can be used to showcase all of your event's greatest little details!  Pair with our Rustic Wall Panel (item 10918) to create a beautiful display in any space!

Rental Price (each): 25.00
Rustic Wall Shelf Rustic Wall Shelf

Bring your Rustic Wall (10918) to life with our Rustic Wall Shelf!  This versatile piece is perfect for displaying floral arrangements or other small details!

Rental Price (each): 15.00
Rustic Wall Hanger 42" Rustic Wall Hanger 42"

Create a unique display at your next event with our rustic 42-inch wall hanger!  Hanger can be used to showcase all of your event's greatest little details!  Pair with our Rustic Wall Panel (item 10918) to enhance the beauty of any space!

Rental Price (each): 15.00
Gunmetal Bistro Chair Gunmetal Bistro Chair

Create a cool yet stylish seating arrangement with our versatile Gunmetal Bistro Chair!  Its cool gunmetal finish allows this piece to be placed in many different settings and styles!

Rental Price (each): 12.00
Rustic Bar Stool Rustic Bar Stool

Create a chic rustic setting with this simple yet striking design.  Pair with our Tall Rustic Wooden Table (item 10759) for the complete dining set.

Rental Price (each): 12.00
Bronze Bistro Bar Stool Bronze Bistro Bar Stool

With a slightly distressed bronze hue, these stools will look great with highboy tables in almost any finish

Rental Price (each): 10.00
Gunmetal Bistro Bar Stool Gunmetal Bistro Bar Stool

Include this stylish and versatile bar stool for a sleek industrial feel that is sure to create an unforgettable event.  With its smooth gunmetal finish this piece looks great in many different settings!

Rental Price (each): 10.00
Small Crate Small Crate

Display your event's smallest details with our Small Crate.  With its simple and versatile build, this piece looks great with many different styles and is perfect for detail arrangements!

Rental Price (each): 10.00